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Common name: Amaltas, Hindi: Amaltas , Tamil: Konrai , Kannada:Konne, Botanical name: Cassia fistula -Size M

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"Common name: Amaltas, Hindi: Amaltas , Tamil: Konrai , Kannada:Konne, Botanical name: Cassia fistula Medicinal uses: Cassia fistula has many medicinal properties like are astringent, cooling, purgative, febrifuge, tonic, laxative, anthelmintic, emetic, antiperiodic, febrifuge, diuretic, depurative, carminative, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and ophthalmic. Used in many medicinal treatments skin diseases, burning sensations, syphilis, boils, leprosy, ringworm affection, colic, dyspepsia, constipation, diabetes, strangury, cardiac problems, dry cough, bronchitis, malaria, rheumatism, fever, leprosy, Stomach disorders, inflammations and intermittent fever. Pest of root is useful in skin diseases, burning sensations and syphilis. Bark is useful in boils, leprosy, ringworm affection, diabetes, strangury and cardiac problems. Leaves are useful in skin diseases, burning sensation, dry cough and fever. Fruits are used in flatulence, colic, dysentery, inflammations and intermittent fever. Flowers are useful in cardiac disorders, intermittent fever and general debility. Cassia fistula also used in the treatment of cancer, constipation, convulsions, delirium, diarrhea, dysuria, epilepsy, gravel, hematuria, pimples, and glandular tumors. The wood Cassia fistula is durable, hard and heavy, is suited for cabinetwork, farm implements, inlay work, posts, wheels, mortars etc. In many countries, people are use this tree as a firewood. Cassia fistula also grown as a ornamental tree. "

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